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Anal sex

"Anal sex" Stats

84.8% are Male
10.4% are Female
3.8% are Couples
First Member to like Anal sex: Darth69691

Newest Member to like Anal sex: Okaylover88

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I just like filling her holes
3 months, 7 days ago

Love getting ass fucked - I love that dick sliding in as I straighten up.
7 months, 11 days ago

Jessica I would love to Fuck your FLAWLESS ASS
8 months, 13 days ago

any real man who wants to fuck me?
9 months, 9 days ago

No condoms please, I like to feel the cum shoot out of your cock inside me. :x
9 months, 17 days ago

I love anal sex
10 months, 15 days ago

I want a cock deep in my anal, I love anal sex, And I prefer large thin cocks, Is delicious and exciting. I love when cocks cum inside my anal MMMM
16 months, 18 days ago

Anal sex isy favourite Anal licking is my favourite
17 months, 9 days ago

That does sound like you titsmaria lol
18 months, 9 days ago

Sounds like me
19 months, 6 days ago

Looking for Woman who likes being naked and want to take cock deep in the Ass Hole at least 4 times a day. Must have big Boobs and not a bag of bones.
19 months, 12 days ago

Looking for female only
21 months, 2 days ago

I love to reach back and squeeze the balls while guys cum in my butt!
22 months, 2 days ago

Hi guys, well I love anal.. Lets have fun...
22 months, 5 days ago

room for 3 here, love to be filled in all holes at the same time
22 months, 8 days ago

I love to fuck deep in the ass ...... to keep my balls .... and explode and fill the hole in my hot sperm
24 months, 27 days ago

some day if i ever get lucky i want to ram my fat cock in balls deep in a real sluts ass to see just how tight that hole is
24 months, 29 days ago

Who wants anal sex mmmm
26 months, 17 days ago

i love giving and recieving anal sex ive even had both at the same tme in a bi train
28 months, 2 days ago

Love to put my cock in a girls ass than cum inside
30 months, 28 days ago

I love anal sex and love a hot cock in me up and cumming
31 months, 13 days ago

Damn wish i could
32 months, 14 days ago

anal is the best sex
33 months, 2 days ago

Got fucked in the ass last night and this morning. It had been awhile, so my ass had tightened up, but it was really nice to feel those dicks going up and down in my ass.
33 months, 10 days ago

Yearning to fuck a girl in the ass for the firt time!
34 months, 5 days ago

gotta have lovely stretched open hole for warm wet comfort
35 months, 4 days ago

Something on my Bucket List as i have never done Anal with any woman in real live due to Girth?
35 months, 4 days ago

And da Dotor said, 'Sir there is a poltergeist in your wife vigina. You may have to fuck her in da ass to release to four horse man stuck in her pussy. Do you want me to do it!?!"
36 months, 28 days ago

No to go balls deep and pound that stroke that wet clit.
37 months, 8 days ago

the tighter the fit the better and due to the closeness to the pussy two holes in one.
37 months, 10 days ago