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"Camping" Stats

88% are Male
8.2% are Female
3.7% are Couples
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Love camping naked and......
21 months, 10 days ago

had some fantastic sex when camping love it especially when ive been tied up on all fours my arse being spanked with sticks noone to hear my screams of pleasure and pain as my arse gets punished
22 months, 1 days ago

Camping is the best, having sex against a tree, in the grass or close by a rushing river. I don't have a car right now but I will soon.
27 months, 24 days ago

You, your partner (s), nature, whst a great way to connect. Not only to have sex but just to be together..
28 months, 17 days ago

Never been camping but would like to the thought of pitching a tent somewhere specially near a fresh water lake be fantastic. The thought of sleeping naked in a tent where undress with the tent light on which would cast a shadow on tent where its easily seen from the outside also go skinny dipping in the lake walk back to tent naked and have sex either inside or outside the tent would be fantastic.
29 months, 12 days ago

sexy and group sex while is the best
31 months, 3 days ago

i love camping
35 months, 2 days ago

Sex is great anywhere, camping is just relaxing
35 months, 6 days ago

sex in the wild just do it like the animals cant weight to go camping again
35 months, 15 days ago

love naked camping
39 months, 5 days ago

So wanna have sex while camping
42 months, 0 days ago

camping orgy trying to organize another one
43 months, 22 days ago

nudity and sex in a tent,fuckin awesome
44 months, 24 days ago

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46 months, 29 days ago

Where are the posts on here!?
49 months, 10 days ago