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"Cooking" Stats

84.9% are Male
12.7% are Female
2.2% are Couples
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I just like to bust nuts
9 months, 14 days ago

Same here
21 months, 8 days ago

Hello am new here i will like to know each other better...
38 months, 29 days ago

I love cooking beside my nude girl.
40 months, 6 days ago

I love cooking in the nude
41 months, 5 days ago

Cooking is like sex.... you can experience delicious new flavours if you have an open mind!
45 months, 16 days ago

I love cooking for a woman lets them no you are a self sufficient man
45 months, 24 days ago

I love it when a woman offers to cook me a meal. A woman who cooks definitely gets my attention. It shows me that she is willing to place some effort into a relationship. But what if she cannot cook and she desires to show interest in me? If she just attempts to cook me something nomatter how it turns out I will be turned on just by her trying. If she fixes me dessert and it does not turn out the way she expected, that is ok. She can offer me her sweet lips, and that will satisfy me.
46 months, 1 days ago

I love to cook
47 months, 9 days ago

i love cooking
49 months, 8 days ago

I love cooking did 2 years at college catering
53 months, 11 days ago

I love to cook im a breakfast cook as my job
56 months, 17 days ago

I love cooking i love Spanish food,and pasta
57 months, 1 days ago

I'll cook u up something a bolk standard roast.then we can crack on
57 months, 8 days ago

Have any got an bj while cooking it is amazing
58 months, 29 days ago

Love cooking especially cajun food.
59 months, 10 days ago

cooking how funny i work as a chef :)
59 months, 25 days ago

hello there.. how are you? acctually just new to the this of site mmmm just looking for hook up or date wanna chat me??? add my account in Y A H O O or S K Y P E....... here's my ID janetfox408
61 months, 5 days ago