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93.8% are Male
3.8% are Female
2.4% are Couples
First Member to like fishing: finelove

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fatties are spawning here :D
10 months, 8 days ago

Landed an 18 pd salmon today, 12pd test line, got to love it
22 months, 26 days ago

i was longtime fishing man
28 months, 28 days ago

Fishing sucks in ok waters to low and bass ponds the fish have worms//// worst dam year I have had
34 months, 22 days ago

im in tucson the fishings pretty limited.threres some good illeagal spots that kickass
36 months, 18 days ago

Had my first bass this month a 6 pounder in Kissimmee
37 months, 15 days ago

i love fishing
39 months, 26 days ago

It's relaxing and a great way to escape
40 months, 16 days ago

41 months, 3 days ago

love fishing best way to enjoy a quiet day
43 months, 29 days ago

I'm well in 2 me carp fishin its my chill pill
47 months, 26 days ago

I have enjoyed fishing all my life. I like bass fishing best. My biggest is 8lbs.
53 months, 27 days ago