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"friendship" Stats

83.5% are Male
12.7% are Female
3.5% are Couples
First Member to like friendship: fongsous

Newest Member to like friendship: Ridemybldick

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I like to chat and make new friends around the world
3 months, 5 days ago

Friendship makes the world go round. Having friends makes the heart so warm.
8 months, 13 days ago

Indian hear message me
18 months, 19 days ago

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34 months, 21 days ago

Looking to make a new friend or two, female or male. Maybe someone with a kinky mind.
36 months, 24 days ago

I love porn and sex and looking for a new friend
37 months, 7 days ago

We want friends. We want friends we can have random sex and other random naked fun with.
38 months, 23 days ago

in all honesty I will never meet anyone from here but talking dirty is always fun and beside you can some new online friends
40 months, 22 days ago

Hello, I am Judith, I will like you to contact me in my Email,
41 months, 5 days ago

Making friends is always fun
42 months, 8 days ago

FRIENDSHIPS . Make the whole thinks.
42 months, 10 days ago

I love friends let's be friends
42 months, 12 days ago

south missouri
43 months, 13 days ago

Hi I love friendship. You need a friend so let on.
44 months, 20 days ago

i love friendship and i love friendships
47 months, 5 days ago

i love friendship
47 months, 5 days ago

every one needs friends one never knows when they will need some one to talk with
47 months, 8 days ago

Can't fondle my penis all day , however I try. Friends enable us.
54 months, 28 days ago

sure who insn't
58 months, 7 days ago

hello there.. how are you? acctually just new to the this of site mmmm just looking for hook up or date wanna chat me??? add my account in Y A H O O or S K Y P E....... here's my ID janetfox408
59 months, 2 days ago

The right friends are a definate
60 months, 6 days ago

So, who's friendly?
61 months, 8 days ago

always looking to have friends
61 months, 21 days ago

yes ia gree just a question fiding the right ones
61 months, 23 days ago

Its good to have friends looking to make some on here
62 months, 1 days ago