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"friendship" Stats

83.8% are Male
12.3% are Female
3.6% are Couples
First Member to like friendship: fongsous

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Friendship makes the world go round. Having friends makes the heart so warm.
1 months, 5 days ago

Indian hear message me
11 months, 11 days ago

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27 months, 13 days ago

Looking to make a new friend or two, female or male. Maybe someone with a kinky mind.
29 months, 15 days ago

I love porn and sex and looking for a new friend
29 months, 28 days ago

We want friends. We want friends we can have random sex and other random naked fun with.
31 months, 15 days ago

in all honesty I will never meet anyone from here but talking dirty is always fun and beside you can some new online friends
33 months, 14 days ago

Hello, I am Judith, I will like you to contact me in my Email,
33 months, 27 days ago

Making friends is always fun
35 months, 0 days ago

FRIENDSHIPS . Make the whole thinks.
35 months, 2 days ago

I love friends let's be friends
35 months, 4 days ago

south missouri
36 months, 5 days ago

Hi I love friendship. You need a friend so let on.
37 months, 11 days ago

i love friendship and i love friendships
39 months, 27 days ago

i love friendship
39 months, 27 days ago

every one needs friends one never knows when they will need some one to talk with
40 months, 0 days ago

Can't fondle my penis all day , however I try. Friends enable us.
47 months, 20 days ago

sure who insn't
50 months, 29 days ago

hello there.. how are you? acctually just new to the this of site mmmm just looking for hook up or date wanna chat me??? add my account in Y A H O O or S K Y P E....... here's my ID janetfox408
51 months, 24 days ago

The right friends are a definate
52 months, 28 days ago

So, who's friendly?
54 months, 0 days ago

always looking to have friends
54 months, 13 days ago

yes ia gree just a question fiding the right ones
54 months, 14 days ago

Its good to have friends looking to make some on here
54 months, 23 days ago