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80.1% are Male
18.1% are Female
1.3% are Couples
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27 months, 2 days ago

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39 months, 14 days ago

I think i mite give up on love as im always getting hurt by men.
40 months, 22 days ago

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40 months, 28 days ago

true love always hurt
42 months, 0 days ago

Love is just a word, its the pussy I want
45 months, 23 days ago

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46 months, 2 days ago

I've never been in love but I want to be
46 months, 26 days ago

love is life
47 months, 1 days ago

i love love
47 months, 5 days ago

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47 months, 27 days ago

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49 months, 18 days ago

real true love is best
52 months, 28 days ago

i give up on love. been married 4 times and it always ends up the same. Im the one who gets my heart broken. Who says guys dont have feelings , they are dead wrong. So someone explain love to me please?
53 months, 4 days ago

Love is more powerfull than one knows.
54 months, 16 days ago

I love my love As love should love But you never love As my love should love me
55 months, 2 days ago

Love is a drug, it can make you feel better or it can kill you
55 months, 15 days ago

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56 months, 18 days ago

what is love? i doubt any one will ever know the true meaning of this.
57 months, 22 days ago

who isn't looking for love.
58 months, 7 days ago

love dont a thing
59 months, 6 days ago

Love is simply divine
59 months, 27 days ago