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I like old school tunes from late 50s to mid 80s era.
32 months, 17 days ago

seeing flogging molly again in a couple of months and i cant fucking wait...........what a band
37 months, 13 days ago

Hello am new here i will like to know each other better...
39 months, 23 days ago

Country, metal, rock, anyone with same music taste add me
41 months, 19 days ago

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave tome ; a lip lock on my weenie. On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two hand jobs and a lip lock on my weenie. Onthe third day of Christmas my true love gave to me three french whores, two hand jobs and a lip lock on my weenie. On the fouth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four bouncing virgins three french whores two hand jobs and a lip lock on my weenie. On the fith day of Christmas my true love gave to me five golden showers four bouncing virgins three french whored two hand jobs and a lip lock on my weenie. Sorry hope no one is offended by this wrote it in the pelican lounge on A1A in 1978 got the rest of the song if anyone Would like it?. Getting so close i felt
42 months, 25 days ago

R&B and POP, favorite music artists are: alicia keys and rihanna
44 months, 24 days ago

Classic Rock beats just about anything out there today!
44 months, 25 days ago

when it slow....mind become thoughts of logic
45 months, 5 days ago

Slow music
45 months, 18 days ago

Nick Cave and the Badseeds.....anytime is the right time. Also: Joy Division, Interpol, the Cure, Leonard Cohen, Bauhaus, oh I could go on forever
45 months, 21 days ago

Love music mostly folk rock like Dan Fogelberg and classic rock, played in a band for years, now I just listen and catch a concert now and then!
46 months, 21 days ago

i love music
50 months, 1 days ago

What do you guys and gals think of The Killers?
56 months, 3 days ago

oops should put some knickers on soz
56 months, 11 days ago

I love metal, hard rock, rap, and hip hop
56 months, 17 days ago

who doesn't love a good head banging , or tail banging , song.
58 months, 24 days ago

i love metal music just stuff you can head bang to
59 months, 9 days ago

Ok I guess
59 months, 12 days ago

I am music!! I make; create and give it. That's why my handle is goodvibe.
60 months, 5 days ago

Any kind of music i love it from Rock n Roll to club got loads of my records still from back in the days worth some money now they are?
60 months, 18 days ago

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61 months, 28 days ago

All genres,if it sounds good... I will appreciate it. I mostly go for the darker, deeper tunes. though. :)
62 months, 5 days ago

Big on electro house but favourite genre has to be Drum 'n' Bass
63 months, 2 days ago

Love all kinds.
63 months, 10 days ago

i enjoy fucking to music to get a nice pace going............the ace of spades by motorhead is always a good un lol
64 months, 15 days ago

soft music is great when giving massage
64 months, 16 days ago

music put u in the mood
64 months, 17 days ago