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87.1% are Male
8.7% are Female
4% are Couples
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I go swimming naked when I can and like to visit sauna's.My fantasy is to train martial arts outside in the nude.
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i like to pose naked sometimes and i feel so erotic by doing so, also wanna show my body to guys and love to see them masturbating to my pics
24 months, 8 days ago

I stay nude most of the time except for when I have to go out to do errand or the like. I would love to live in a community where nudity was the norm and clothing was the exception.
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Saves on laundry and creates a stronger trust bond with others that share nude time with you.
41 months, 19 days ago

Love being nude
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Contrary to the "family" nudists, I believe that nudism and sexuality go hand-in-hand. Let's get naked and enjoy some fun sex!
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Love to be completely nude when I jo, and walk around the house!
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I love sleeping nude
45 months, 17 days ago

Nothing wrong with being nude. I have been on Naturist / Nudists holidays and stayed Nude 24/7 for two weeks. Got one of my weeks mixed up with a Swingers week, lets put it this way, it was interesting to say the least.
45 months, 19 days ago

Any real female nudists out there?
45 months, 20 days ago

I like it
45 months, 28 days ago

I love that
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love being naked. wish i lived somewhere you never had to wear clothes.
46 months, 16 days ago

I love being nude as much as possible....
46 months, 18 days ago

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