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84.4% are Male
13.7% are Female
1.8% are Couples
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Hello all
19 months, 3 days ago

Hello am new here i will like to know each other better...
39 months, 23 days ago

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43 months, 24 days ago

i love reading
50 months, 1 days ago

I love erotic and true stories
54 months, 4 days ago

I too enjoyed writing, but most of my stuff is erotic.
56 months, 17 days ago

george r r martin is the best fantasy writer out there a song of fire & ice (game of thrones) is an amazing series of books mabe even better than tolkien.
60 months, 24 days ago

Ellen Hoptkins is a geunius
62 months, 2 days ago

I love reading!!!!! Graham Hancock is one of my favorite non-fiction writers and Comic books kick ass too!!
62 months, 15 days ago