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95.3% are Male
4.3% are Female
0.4% are Couples
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IAM a sports junkie who loves to play basketball tennis softball etc. I coach basketball for 5years now. I love it so anyone in the Bronx wanting to chat or something else Iam very flexible. Or msg me on my profile. Patriots 27 Atlanta 24
16 months, 27 days ago

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43 months, 25 days ago

Interested only in men iIN Southern California!
47 months, 5 days ago

i love sports and i love sport
50 months, 3 days ago

I like hiking
50 months, 5 days ago

GAA is my life
50 months, 9 days ago

I love basketball
57 months, 22 days ago

I love sports like baseball,basketball,hokey and sex.
57 months, 27 days ago