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"Swimming" Stats

77.5% are Male
20.3% are Female
2.1% are Couples
First Member to like Swimming: Demmidude

Newest Member to like Swimming: funstuff

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24 days ago

Lov to play
32 months, 26 days ago

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43 months, 26 days ago

i need swimming lessons in the nude. any ladiy swim teachers who swim in the nude out there? near prescot arizona usa
46 months, 13 days ago

Any one know where skinny dipping is allowed or just takes place. Rivers, lakes or public pools. Walsall uk.
47 months, 25 days ago

Skinny dipping in a river. You can be seen and ive had some tremendous orgasms swimming against the current as my snorkal flaps around.
48 months, 8 days ago

Naked in the pool all summer long
48 months, 29 days ago

i swim naked all the time its cool cause you don't have worry about trying to get your wet shorts off or speedos or spandex shorts even jean shorts,now those are a bitch to get off-so naked it is yeah.
49 months, 28 days ago

i love swimming
50 months, 3 days ago

I would love to go swimming naked, I've never tried it, but love to do it
51 months, 26 days ago

I will only swim nude if I cant swim nude I wont
54 months, 6 days ago

Agree, I go to a nude pool and spa quite often, it is fun
56 months, 28 days ago

Nude swimming s the only way to swim, I hate wet trunks.
57 months, 6 days ago

I love being nude anytime, anywhere, and if others are around that love to be the same. All the merrier. Come on, being naked is not only fun, but something different from the norm.
57 months, 8 days ago

swiming nude anybody do it
57 months, 26 days ago

Only 18% of the women like swimming!!!! Come on no seriously ladies COME ON!!!
62 months, 17 days ago