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"Swinging" Stats

71.8% are Male
8.4% are Female
19.3% are Couples
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I've only played with two couples, but the best part of the first one was how into it he got when it was my turn to fuck his wife, and then how turned on she got having him there to watch! They were getting off on each other like crazy... with me in the middle, just happily screwing away!
15 months, 20 days ago

My husband loves watching and filming me fuck another guy with a big thick cock. Especially when he watch my toes curl from deep penerations and loves to hear me scream, which let's him know the guy is deep inside me
30 months, 26 days ago

Yes Cuming down a throat is the best!!
35 months, 29 days ago

36 months, 24 days ago

interested in ffm
39 months, 12 days ago

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42 months, 14 days ago

anyone from scotland
42 months, 19 days ago

I truly believe that someday swinging and Swingers will be the norm....Openly the norm.
43 months, 21 days ago

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43 months, 28 days ago

always up to play
44 months, 17 days ago

My first time swinging
45 months, 19 days ago

We had a guy over last night with a cock the size of a 1 litre coke bottle! He hit and run so the couple's we had lined up could get there turn but all of the couple's no speed. :( we could've gotten at least two more rounds out of that guy.
45 months, 27 days ago

Late wife and I were swingers. Would to get back in lifestyle here in South Carolina.
46 months, 10 days ago

I want to be used by multiple men at once.
46 months, 19 days ago

Would love to get into it
46 months, 19 days ago

Love to get into the life!
46 months, 25 days ago

I'd love my man to watch me. Only men from Southern California.
47 months, 7 days ago

Ide like get in on a swinger party ...any around northeast ohio??
47 months, 27 days ago

Ide like get in on a swinger party ...any around northeast ohio??
47 months, 27 days ago

Someone tell us how to join plz.
47 months, 29 days ago

There's just something about my husband watching me fuck another guy. Especially when I let him know the guy deep inside me fucks me better mmmm
48 months, 5 days ago

All couples,or singles around wester Colorado lets do It
48 months, 24 days ago

Looking to soft swing UK, get in touch
49 months, 5 days ago

whud love to tri this swinging thing will sum one show me
49 months, 7 days ago

I'm open to you this.....
50 months, 6 days ago

I have really enjoyed swinging.....Its great fun.
50 months, 11 days ago

love to join this group.
50 months, 19 days ago

Looking for some fun in the Belleville area
51 months, 25 days ago

I am a dominant . I love to dominate. Read my Profile then. Take care.
52 months, 9 days ago

thinking about going to a swingers club for the first time, not sure what to expect, not sure if i will understand the etiquette or whether i will fit in coz i'm straight, i may actually be a bit shy too, don't have anybody to go with so i was just going to wander in on my own at a Saturday afternoon session. Some advice on the matter would be much appreciated if anyone can help!
53 months, 16 days ago