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Mmm_Tasty's Profile

Sex: Female
Age: 24
Pref: Straight
Status: In a Relationship
Height: 5' 7"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Body Type: Slim
Smokes: Sometimes
Drinks: Socially
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Prefer Not To Say
Children: No, but would like one day
Education: Prefer Not To Say

Hey guys

Just to clarify things I am not here for dating,meeting,scamming,emailing,camming,instant messaging, or whatever this site is about.I got a few emails about a fake scammer using my images.She or he is now banned FINALLY thank you to the admin for that.If you wish to be online friends just click add and I do accept most people.
Looking around I see much hatrid here.I am not that type of person so if you have bad things to say they will be removed by me.I may not be 30 or 40 years old but I know how to act grown up.Hmm sometimes lol.
About me words? I am a professional model.Newer to the business officially but have been trying out modeling pics since I was little.I am still a human and do things everyone else does also when I have time to.I eat,sleep,have sex,go online,bitch and moan,watch some tv,hang out with friends,ride horses,shop,etc....Well before you ask I use several ID names online.Unlike most models I just couldn't decide on one yet lol.
I should have typed this at the beginning but oh well lol.English is not my native language so bear with any typos I might add,but I do know most English words for American sites I join but for now I live in CZ.I didn't post a actual location.It changes with travels and would just confuse friends anyhow.Haha even some sites can't get my info correct.A couple of them posted my info way off from my real facts lmao.I am working to correct that sometime if the owners ever answer me.Many sites just post shit they hear from rumors or they are just fraud sites that post anyone to get ratings up.
Hmmm so more about me...I do not consider myself perfect,flawless,or anything.I have a few flaws trust me lol.As mentioned above I have been modeling a few years but recently it became more of an popular career for me.At first I chose it to gain extra money but I liked it ALOT so I am moving on with it.Some do not like what I do and I do not like others careers.That is a part of life.Not everyone can like everyone and I really couldn't give a shit lmao.Yes I have attitude and I am not afraid to use it lol
I do have some sample vids of naughty and ones of me doing modeling shoots.Most of my works for photo shoots I have images without the modeling site logos.Unlike the scams and fake fans I have on sites using my images, mine are NOT cropped to cover such logos most times.Although many do not even try to cover them up which is kind of odd but maybe they will realize that when they are sitting in jail for illegal theft.I will upload more of my works and or videos here soon.
Anyhow enough of that I just want others to see hotgemz on here is fraud with my pics and other models online.(Thanks again to the admin for banning that person finally)As flattering as it is I do not let the low lives get to me.I enjoy a fun filled lifestyle and laugh at those trying so hard to be me.Did your parents get you from the ugly factory or are you not getting enough money scamming to even buy a camera?? Oh well....Mental note to fakes and scams using my pics: YOU CAN'T BE ME SO GIVE UP!
Kiss my Czech ass.If you are joined here to be hateful or act as a moron do it on the true scammer and fakes pages.I have no time for your bullshit games.Thanks.


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May. 4th, 2012
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