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Jun. 3rd, 2024 at 9:26am
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Anyone, had sex at church, with priest and etc. Stories or photos. My Skype krotonas33.
Jun. 5th, 2024 at 6:37pm
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Hello everyone I’m here for sex dirty talk let’s get together and work something out together here’s my number +14057960627 or my google chat just message me on google chat me
Jun. 13th, 2024 at 1:23pm
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Yes I had sex with a priest at a secluded church , it was a by chance meeting or should I say surprise meeting , I am a crossdresser who loves out door sex and experiences for years I have watched a crossdresser on Xhamster who goes around public places filming herself masturbating so I thought it looked amazing fun risky but sexy and erotic.
Anyway I knew a rural church I had been to for a couple of weddings and remembered there was a long lane that led down to it that was visible from the church yard as I remembered watching for the brides car coming so perfect I thought I would give the church thing a go.
When I arrived there was no one there , it was early afternoon sunny and warm , I was dressed short skirt top heels bra panties and stockings with a lovely red suspender belt, I found a great spot by the church near an old stone wall set my cam up seductively stripped down to the lingerie and began to masturbate to the camera , I was rock hard and putting on a great show when a mild voice from behind me said oh my I do wish my wife would wear such lovely underwear , I spun around in complete shock to se an elderly vicar stood behind me about 5 yards away I hope I never startled you he said I didnt know how to make my presence known is all , I cupped my hands over my cock which had gone soft oh my God this is so embarrassing I said I suppose you are going to call the police I asked not at all he replyed its not everyday you see such sights in ones church yard I better get dressed and leave I said oh dont hurry on my account , he seemed rather intent on taking in the view for as long as possible It entered my head here I was have a conversation with a lovely mature vicar who had probably spent a good 5 minutes watching me masturbating in bra , panties and stockings etc .
I was quite turned on by the thought he had been watching I matter of factly removed my hands from hiding my penis his eyes immediately dropped to my almost semi erect cock , there was an awkward silence for a few seconds then he blurted out are you gay , yes I replied does that bother you no he said can I be honest I think I am he said, I couldnt believe the way the conversation was headed , do you have sex with men he asked yes I replied have you I asked no he said but I think I would like to try , my cock was again stiff I walked forward the few yards until in front of him , I though fuck this I going to be forward I put my hand on the front of his smart black trousers he was rock hard , oh my he said I started to unzip him and undo his top button he just stood there and didnt object , I slid down his trousers and then his pants to reveal a lovely quite big stiff cock , I knelt down in front of him and started to suck him whilst squeezing and fondling his tight balls after a quite really short period of time I could feel he was going to cum , he shuddered as he ejaculated and I swallowed all he sat down on this like tomb thing and I said would it be ok if I sit on your knee its something Ive always wanted to do , of course he said I gently sat on his lap and without asking he started to wank me , just the thought of this scenario was such a turn on within a couple of minutes my spunk was erupting everywhere I didnt think I could spunk so hard , after dressing and chatting for a while I asked him How did he get up the lane without me seeing him , no he said there's a bridal path from the village just there behind us , wow its lucky it was you that came along , yes indeed he said very lucky [B][/B][I][/I]
Jun. 14th, 2024 at 8:29am
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I'm the son of a preacher man!!!!
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