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Added On: Nov. 29th, 2016
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Deborah221 My name is Deborah Robert I am looking for my lovely man, who will protect and defend me, like a stone wall. He needs to be strong moral compassion and kind. I had a failed Relationship before, but I still believe in true love and I hope I can find my right one here. I have a tender heart and I am easy to get along with. I just want to find my husband. I think I deserve a man who is affectionate and who believes in true love. I’m not demanding . I believe in unconditional love , I believe in purest intentions if they are followed by seriousness and desire to develop something more.I am here not to find a prince or sugar daddy! I am looking for a real relationship and I will love my man for who he is. I want to find my man. I wish to enjoy life and be happy together with him. If you are interested to be happy I am waiting for your 12402572942 or my hangout is
67 months, 10 days ago
Alice555 SINGLE sexy WOMAN,I also love to travel and would love to find someone that enjoys seeing the world and trying new things. I'm a free-spirited girl who is looking for someone to have a relationship with a mature man. Because I am an honest fun-loving girl who hates when a guy takes me for a fool. I like things to be real, not fake. I like to love and be loved.(9177401492
63 months, 11 days ago
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